Please check out the following app guide and information before downloading the app.


 What is the ultimate road trip resource? 

The ultimate road trip resource is an independent app ( Not found on app stores ) for tourists and outdoor enthusiasts. It's purpose is to make your travels comfortable by providing a quick way to access facilities like showers, toilets and waste disposal as well as finding hidden gems and Instagram worthy locations to visit and enjoy.

Why is the ultimate road trip resource not on app stores? 

The ultimate road trip resource is an independent app because we feel very strongly about the development of the app and that all proceeds from the subscriptions go into the development and growth of the app. As an independent app we do not pay Google and Apple a 30% commission just to be able to say we have an app on the app store. The app runs of your browser and has all the functionality it needs for the intended purpose of finding facilities.

Who owns and develops the ultimate road trip resource?

The ultimate road trip resource is owned by Arlene and developed by Problue Solutions in Northern Ireland. Arlene is an outdoor enthusiast who felt there was a need for an app like this to aid outdoor enthusiasts during their road trips. 

How are locations added to the app? 

Locations are added on a daily basis by Arlene and the app users. You can submit locations via your app login  to be reviewed and published. 

When was the ultimate road trip resource established?

The ultimate road trip resource was established in September 2022. To date there are 1000+ subscribers on the app and actively contributing to its development by adding locations and reviews. 

What countries does the ultimate road trip resource cover?

The ultimate road trip resource has four layers to date, operating in different areas. We are currently focusing on getting all the layers in Ireland to a good standard before moving on. 

Showers: Ireland, UK, Europe 

Toilets / Disabled access : Ireland and the UK has a link to another website while we progress with this layer. 

Picturesque places: Ireland, Scotland 

Parking / Waste disposal: Ireland and Scotland

Do I have to pay for this app? 

Yes, The ultimate road trip resource is £9.99 for an entire years worth of use. All revenue generated from subscriptions goes towards the development and promotion of the app. Without this yearly cost we would just be another poor performing map that someone has threw together using free software online. I believe this app is an asset to every adventurer and my goal is to develop it using the latest software and technology available.  Unfortunately that costs a lot of money. 😅


When customers activate their subscription, we provide them with numerous discount codes as part of our promotional strategy. These codes are intended to enhance the value of the subscription and be an incentive for continued engagement. As a result, we do not offer refunds based on the availability of these discount codes when the subscription is activated, as they contribute to the overall benefits and value proposition of our subscription service. Please be aware when you sign up to the app this is a recurring yearly payment. You will receive an email three days prior to your next payment. If you do not cancel your subscription on time you will not be refunded this payment as we use an external payment processor. We as a company are charged when you subscribe. You can cancel your subscription with one click of a button in your 'My Account' section of the app. 

Thank you all so much for the continued support, and I look forward to going on this journey with you as a community.

All the best, Arlene